Mercato Market planning to re-open in 2015 

Unfortunately in spite of everyone's hard work and dedication we could not reach the amount of vendors that we needed in order to reopen in 2014. There is some light at the end of the tunnel however, we are working out a deal with the race course to do special events until the end of the year.

We do intend to open up Mercato Market come next year with more vendors than we had this year. The special events that we will be hosting this year will have opportunities for vendors to rent spaces. We will keep everyone informed of the events that we are planning throughout the end of the year that should attract thousands of people from all over our area.

We apologize that it took a few extra days to deliver this information to everyone but we were exhausting every option that we had before we made our final decision. We owe a great deal of thanks to all of the vendors who's dedication and tireless work was truly humbling to Dirk and I. A special thanks to Adan and Doreen who worked diligently to sign vendors up. Again we are deeply appreciative for all the hard work that many vendors have done. We are excited and looking forward to hosting some of this areas' most awesome events through the end of the year and Mercato Market will reopen come next year. We will be returning everyone's checks next week.

Dirk & Dina